Friday, October 31, 2008


It's halloween. I texted my sister to ask her to send me pictures of the girls.

she says: Of their faces?

me: of their costumes. DUH!

her: k u freak maybe later like when they have them on.

Seriously? Did she think I wanted a picture of the costumes? Come on. I know she did some drugs, but she didn't kill that many brain cells. We'll see if she actually does send some.

Last night on Grey's they got a new doctor. He's the head of the trauma unit. I think I'll call him McArmy. cuz he was an army doctor. He was heading a class on trauma for the residents and interns. They walk into the room and he asks how they feel about practicing on live tissue. They all say that's ok. Then he moves the curtain aside and reveals 4 live pigs. He then stabs each pig and tells his students that they have to save them. It was crazy and intense. He's gonna be a really good character on the show. Plus it'll give Yang something to worry about. I like her better when she shows some human emotion. And I know you're asking why did I mention the pigs? Well, I thought it was funny. Like I was rolling on the floor funny. Maybe it's my lack of sleep the last little while but it just cracked me up!

Yes, I know that this blog was basically pointless. When I have something important to write about, it'll be in here. But since my friend Rhianon asked for a blog, I'm giving her one. So there ya go, folks.

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