Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Book reviews...

I've created another blog strictly for book reviews. I figure since I read so much, I might as well do something with it. If I totally suck at it, then oh well. At least I get something out of it. If I totally hate a book, or a character in the book, I can rant and rave about it there. I'd do it here, but since I read books that some of my friends wouldn't read I decided to do a separate one. If you don't mind sex and cuss words in your books, then check out my reviews. If you do, you probably don't wanna look at my reviews. I read a lot of Romance and Romantic suspense. There is sex, violence, and mucho swearing in them. I know, I'm a bad cookie. But it's my form of escapism and I love it.

Anyway. On a different note. Lately I've been noticing a lot of pimped out mini vans. I know you want a nice vehicle to take your family around town but do you need to put on special rims and lights? I just don't understand it. If you need your vehicle pimped out, you probably shouldn't have kids. Just sayin. Pay more attention to your kids. In the time it took you to pick out the rims and lights and have them put on, you could've taken your kids to the park. And the money your spent on it? You probably could've taken the family on a vacation. It's beyond my comprehension. It seems like something my biological parents would do. They loved to spend money on unnecessary things. Like drugs, alcohol, clothes, and make-up. But us kids never had anything nice unless our grandparents bought it for us. And even then, it would get messed up because of a lack of parental supervision. Shouldn't kids and their needs be the number one priority in all families? I know, stupid things make me angry, but that's how I am. I guess that's all the opinionated BS I have for you today. I'd love to hear your opinions so leave me a comment.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Library...

I'm doing a blog today to specifically tell the whole world that I love the Salt Lake City public library. They always have new releases as soon as they can get their hands on them. I hardly ever have to buy books anymore cuz they always have the ones I want to read. Or if it's checked out by someone else, I can request it. It takes hardly any time for my request to be filled. They transfer books from other locations too. So it's also convenient. The bums that are always hanging out front kind of creep me out, but it's a building filled with books! How can I ask for more?! Seriously, that's my own personal version of heaven!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New purse!

So I got a new purse friday night. It's so pretty! Here's a picture:

It's great cuz it's big enough to hold everything I could possibly need. My book and lotion and wallet and everything else. I'm just excited I can take my book everywhere with me. Here's a picture to show how big it is:

Now everyone who reads this knows how much of a freak I am. If you didn't already know or suspect. So here it is. I AM OBSESSED WITH HELLO KITTY!!! Scary isn't it?!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bullet proof...

I think it's time for me to get outta customer service. Probably not but it sure feels like it today. I started out my day with probably the most annoying customer we have at this store. And I was here at 9 so I was already grumpy. I'm so not a morning person and probably never will be. Anyway. It just got worse from there. There was a guy who took 5 hours to fill out a form. I'm exaggerating but it felt like it. And he tried to hand me his change through the little space in our bulletproof window. There's a reason we have the bulletproof glass and wall. And only a little space for you to drop your stuff in the tray. Because we don't want to touch your grubby hands. So let's learn to just drop it in the tray and let me pick it up.

On a much happier note, Grandma sold her house! I'm so happy I could pee my pants. But I wont. I do have some self control! She's coming to visit next week so she can look for a house in the Salt Lake area. And she's staying with me. Which means I should probably clean and unpack. Yes, I've lived here since last July. I'm just not one for settling in, I guess. I'll probably just shove boxes of stuff in my closets or against the wall. But it will be clean. I swear it. ;) I'll even vacuum and scrub the toilet. That's how much I love my Grandma!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Books, books, and more books!

My life is all books and tv. It's a sad existence but I like it this way. For now... Anyway. All my favorite authors have new books coming out. I'm way excited. And then a lot of my favorite authors do contests and give away copies of their books and other things that have to do with books. It's pretty awesome. I have two author's contest links at the bottom of my blog. But that's not really the point of this post.

The point was to talk about Law & Order: SVU. The episode last night got me thinking. About the war and about child soldiers. I guess I never realized that they're pretty much forced into fighting. The character on the show witnessed his mother being shot to death and that's how the militia group initiated him into the group. And then they threatened to kill all of his family so he would murder for them. Eventually they did end up murdering his entire family so he had no one to turn to. It must be so hard to not have any family. My family is small, but I know if I called them and needed help, they'd be there in a jiffy. That's what family is for.

And then I think about the American soldiers who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and how hard it must be for them to shoot kids. But it's shoot first or be shot. But the evil we're up against is huge. And you'd have to be practically satan to force children to fight in a war. It's abuse. And I hate all forms of abuse, but especially the abuse of children. It makes me sick. It makes me want to pick up a gun and go after all those predators out there. But then I'd be stooping down to their level.

I think that's why I read so much. The reality of our world is horrible. The economy is crap and there is so much hate and violence out there that if I sat and watched the news every day I'd go insane. So I read books that always have happy endings cuz I know there are kids and women out there who don't get one and it depresses me. If I didn't have some form of escapism I'd curl up in a ball under the covers on my bed and stay there forever. So my existence isn't that sad afterall...