Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My old man...

It's been exactly one year since Grandpa passed away. I'm sad, but I'm ok. I've pretty much been in denial the whole year. But it'll hit me at random moments that he's gone.

At the age of 6, social services finally decided that my parents weren't fit to be taking care of 5 kids. At first, my grandparents took the four youngest kids. My oldest brother went straight into foster care. He went to live with a family that went to the same church as us. So my grandparents were taking care of 4 kids ranging in ages 5-10. If they had been able, they would've adopted all four of us. But they were retiring so they could only handle 2. They adopted my sister and I. We were living in Cincinnati when we were taken away and my grandparents brought my sister and I to Utah.

My Grandpa did everything he could to make us happy. He got a part time job so we could participate in after school activities like dance, basketball, softball. Whatever we wanted. We always had nice clothes. Grandpa made sure of it. I was pretty much spoiled when it came to material things. He wasn't an emotional person. He never told me he loved me. There are only a few times I can remember him saying he was proud of me. But he showed his love by providing me with everything I could ever want.

It wasn't until Niki was born that he showed much emotion. After that, he was a big mush ball for her. She was "his girl". He would sit there for hours holding her, playing peek-a-boo. He would always pull pictures of her out and say "this is my great granddaughter, isn't she pretty?" He was so proud of that. He didn't relate to Taci as much because she was so independent she didn't like to stay in one place for long. After Taci's accident, Grandpa was there. He would sit in the rocking chair holding her just like the rest of us.

He wasn't always nice, but he was MY meanie. And I'm going to miss him. So Rest In Peace old geezer! :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

My eyes... I can't see my eyes!

So I got some new glasses. It's weird wearing them again. But I can see and I might actually like them better than contacts. I know my eyes aren't as itchy as they were. I haven't figured out if they've made my headaches better but in time I'm sure I'll see. So here they are all by their lonesome. Just so you can see the design.

And here they are on my face. It's a crappy picture but I put it on here just so you would get an idea of what they looked like on my cute lil chubby face. So enjoy peeps!