Thursday, June 18, 2009

stab him in the jugular and twist...

I said a couple days ago I'd blog about a text I sent out to some people that I didn't want to explain the whole story by texting it. It was just too freakin big and intense for that. So here it is:

Let's start off with the text I sent to everyone. "I helped catch an escaped convict like an hour ago"

Before I begin, let me apologize for the language but it was all intense and I couldn't control my cussing. And even talking about it now is intense so I still swear when telling the story.

So Tuesday we had a guy come in to cash a check. If you don't know this already, I work at a check cashing/loan store. It was a Maryland state tax refund check and we verified the check but the guy's id was expired so we were doing everything we could to verify him so we could cash it. We called the big boss but he was in a meeting and wouldn't answer so we told the guy we were waiting for approval and if we could cash it we would call him to come back in. We kept making calls and somehow, one of the calls alerted the cops. Twenty minutes after the guy left, a sheriff's department deputy walked in and started demanding information about the check casher. He wouldn't tell us anything about what was going on. He was a complete ass. We offered to call him back in and he refused and stomped out of the store. Like fifteen minutes after that, more cops came in. This time detectives. The one was asking us questions when we get a call from a detective in Maryland. He wanted to talk to the detective in our lobby. So we let him back and they talk about extradition and all that fun cop stuff. Then we offer to the detective to call this guy and tell him we can cash his check so he'll come back in. They say yes and we call him. We're all like, we need to know if you're coming in so we can get the money together and he said something like, yeah maybe later. So we're on edge wondering if he's actually gonna show. We're surrounded by cops watching the store. All this happened around 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon. At around 4 the guy still hadn't shown and one of the detectives was going off shift so they all left, but the one still on left his cell number and told us to call him if he showed. We start looking at the copy of the check and find that his name is misspelled so I decided to call the detective in Maryland to see if he could find out if it really was fake. And I wanted to know what the guy's charges were. I was seriously curious. But I also needed to know if he was violent in case I had other customers in the lobby and I had to protect them. Meanwhile, we have other customers. We were helping a lady who wanted a loan and I had to call another store with some questions. I'm talking to her and I tell her the story of the guy that came in being an escaped convict. The bell on the door suddenly chimes so I look up and HOLY SHIT he's standing right there. So I say to the lady on the phone, and these are my exact words, "Oh shit, he's here. I gotta go." Right when I saw the guy's face, adrenaline rushed through my system making me shake so bad I could barely hang up the phone. I was trying to hit the panic button and barely hit it. I called the detective and was like, "He's here. I hit the panic button. Please hurry." He said, "We'll be right there." and hung up. Then I call my boss and I'm talking to her while we're trying to get the lady wanting the loan out of the store so we can lock the perp into the store. Skyler, the guy I was working with at the time, said to the guy, "let me see your id and check so I can copy them again." The perp was watching him as he did it so Skyler knew he had to do something to distract him. He pulled the top on the copier up too early so it blacked out the page, then threw the paper onto the floor and said, "Piece of shit is broken." The guy looked at the paper when it was flying to the floor giving Skyler time to hit the switch that will lock the outside door from the inside. It was fine for a second then some guy tried to pull the door open and obviously couldn't get it. So the guy inside walks over to it and trys to push it open. "Hey, your door is locked." So we have to pull something outta nowhere and we're like, "Piece of shit door did it again. I have to call corporate get them to fix it." By then the detectives had told the guy outside to get the hell outta the way and knocked on the door. We let them in. They came in with their guns drawn and pointed at the guy yelling, "Get on your knees. Down on the ground." They cuffed him and took him outside. They emptied him pockets, patted him down, and shackled his feet. It was such an intense moment. Scary as hell. Not sure how I made it through without either peeing my pants or puking but I did. I think I held it together pretty well. They took the scum bag to jail and he's now on his way back to Maryland and double the time in prison for pulling a stupid stunt like escaping prison and hiding halfway across the country. That was my exciting day. Hope you enjoyed the story.