Monday, October 13, 2008


It seems like mondays are when everything goes wrong. And I had to open the store today so I'm tired on top of that. I didn't get to bed til late cuz I lost my phone. But I didn't really. I'm just really retarded and hormonal. I talked to my g-ma at like 10. Then I went to take a shower. When I got done with my shower I watched tv for a little while and started looking for my phone about 10:30. I tore my room apart. I searched in every room in my apartment. Still no phone. By 11:30 I was panicking. I was frustrated and hormonal. DAMN PERIOD! So I started crying like a baby. I HATE crying. I never cry. It's just not in me. But last night I did. I have two laundry baskets of clothes cuz I'm not a domestic goddess and I absolutely hate folding laundry and hanging stuff up. For someone who's anal about some things (like my books and dvd's being in alphabetical order by the author and by book or by movie title) I'm sure not about domestic things. In fact I hate that stuff with such a passion I wait til the last possible moment to do it. Anyway... back to my emotional breakdown story. So by 12:30 when I still hadn't found my phone I decided I would dump my laundry baskets on the bed and go through each piece of clothing. I went through the first one with no luck. I grabbed the second and set it on my bed and started pulling stuff out. the third item I pulled out was a sweatshirt I had been wearing all day. I reached in the pocket and there was my phone! Turns out I put the phone in my pocket and took the sweatshirt off when I headed for the bathroom to take my shower. I had gone through the laundry baskets like 3 times before then. I even shook the sweatshirt but that baby was stuck in the pocket! To say the least, I was very relieved to find that. It's my connection with my family, my alarm clock, my way to check my e-mail from home, and most importantly, my safeguard when I'm opening the store in the morning.

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