Thursday, October 2, 2008

How to confuse a crazy lady...

I'm reading Death Angel by Linda Howard. I just finished reading page 185. I'm more than halfway through the book. All of a sudden the main character dies and comes back and changes her name. I had a hard time with the name in the beginning and now it's DIFFERENT. Holy crap! My poor little sleep deprived brain can't comprehend this. I guess I'll probably get used to it at like the very end of the book. Seriously!

I'm so sad that Grey's wont be on tonight. But I'm gonna watch the VP debate. Let's see what stupid stuff the democrats say tonight. I mean, c'mon Obama, "I have a bracelet too!" Let's act like 3rd graders! Plus, I absolutely love Palin. I wish she was the one running for president. Our country is going to Hell in a hand basket. And I blame the media. I wish they would just shut their big mouths for a while. It's annoying. I don't need their dumb opinions taking up my precious tv watching time. Now I just sound like a raving lunatic. I guess I'll stop for today ;)

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