Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are so screwed!

I've obviously made my opinion clear on who should be president. Obama wasn't it. So I'm a little depressed today. I don't want my guns and ammo taxed 500%. Most criminals don't buy their guns legally so why should the rest of us be punished? And the whole healthcare system. The minute the government starts talking universal, I'm outta here. I'll be on my way to Mexico before they even finish getting the word outta their mouths. I don't want the government deciding when I can see the Dr and what kind of treatments I can get. As for the war in Iraq? I could go on for hours ranting and raving about that. Obama's plan to set a date to pull the troops out is the stupidest war strategy I've ever heard. The terrorists are gonna laugh in our faces. They'll sit in their caves waiting for that day when Obama says it's time to pull out and them BAM!! They'll strike and everyone in America is gonna be whining and crying about how we've lost our citizens when we should've just stayed over there and finished it off. If one stupid democrat had finished what the first Bush had started, we wouldn't be over there. But no, he was too busy getting serviced in the oval office to care about anything else. Come on folks, don't you realize we're repeating history? Yeah, it's cool that we finally voted a black guy into office but shouldn't we look at more than that? Like his politics and his policies? Hell yes we should. He's not gonna change the economy. It's the way it is because banks and credit card companies. If you can't afford $600 a month for rent, you shouldn't go out and get a $1000 mortgage. It just wont work. DUH! And if you can't pay off what you put on your credit card within 3 months you shouldn't put anything on it. Don't blame Bush for that. Or 9/11. Don't act like he planned it and is so happy to send our soldiers over to that horrible country to make sure they don't end up with a leader like Sadam Hussein. They should cheer when they see us coming. But they're raised to believe we're evil. Seriously, I could go on forever with this political shit.

On to a different subject. I almost started blubbering today. A customer had had a heart attack like 2 weeks ago and asked if I knew what a stint was. Grandpa had one a year ago last January. So I was talking about it and almost burst into tears. I must be hormonal or something. I DON'T cry. It's just not me. But I am a little emotional about grandpa cuz his Birthday would've been this coming saturday. And that makes me sad. Hopefully something will be on tv tonight to distract me from my misery!

update: if you're wondering if my sister sent me a picture on halloween, she did. she's a total dits but she usually remembers that stuff!

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