Friday, November 7, 2008

One Nation under God...

I was pissed about Obama winning. I admit I freaked out. I ranted in my blog. That's what it's for. But I'm over it. Our country is in such bad shape that whoever was to be president wouldn't make much difference. Nobody can fix the economy but the citizens of our country. I don't think we should be putting that on the President. There are certain things he can do to help, but it's the way it is because the banks gave loans to people who couldn't afford to pay them. I don't understand why you would get a mortgage payment that high. If you're paying $600 a month in rent and can barely afford that, you aren't going to be able to afford a $1000 house payment.

As for Obama, I hope he gets into the whitehouse and does what he promises. I'm sure he has the country's well being upper most in his thoughts. And I do think it's pretty awesome that I took part in a vote that made history. Just because I voted for the other guy doesn't mean anything. That's my right as an American. Our soldiers fight in wars so we can have our freedom and our rights. I don't agree with Obama's politics but he's our new president and as such, he deserves my respect. I'm sorry if my other blog offended anyone but I needed to freak just a little. I hope everyone can eventually come together and respect the president and give him a chance. Now is the time that we need to unite. This is history in the making and it could turn out to be the best thing for our country. You never know. Where would our world be without hope? Maybe China? j/k. But really. Without hope, we'd still be part of England. :D

And maybe one day soon, we can get our troops home. My other post made it sound like I want them to stay there forever. I don't. But it needs to be finished or we will find ourself in the same place we were in on 9/11. The terrorists need to know that we mean business and we need to show them that by defeating them. If I could be over there fighting, I would be. I believe in the cause. Yes, there were some mistakes made. When has there ever been a perfect war? When has there been a war where nobody sacrificed their life? NEVER. So let's make their sacrifice worth it and WIN THE WAR! We can't just give up. America may be a lot of things, but we're no quitter!

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