Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the nieces

My sister called the other night to tell me that Niki finished a chapter book all on her own. I already knew this but it's still exciting news. I mean, that kid is freakin amazing! When she was staying with me, we sat on my bed with the tv on for Taci and read. She had her own book and I had mine. All of a sudden she started giggling. So I was like, "What's so funny?" And she explained the scene in the book. These books are level 3. So she's not just reading the words, she's understanding them. I guess when she told her mom that she finished the book she was on she said, "I finished it today and it's a 3rd grade level and I'm only in 1st!" Her teacher has to give her extra work cuz she finishes before all the other kids in her class. If my sister took the time to really work with her, she would be able to do so much. She already reads and writes above her grade level but my sister could teach her math and science and all that other stuff. Seriously, the kid is brilliant.

Now on to Taci. She's smart in her own way. Smart in the manipulative, get-her-own-way way. She's spoiled rotten and everyone lets her get away with it cuz she's cute and disabled. My sister called a while ago while they were eating McDonalds. Taci had fries and chocolate milk. She was dipping her fries in the milk and would take a bite. She'd make this really funny face like she couldn't figure out if she liked it or not. And then she'd do it again. My sister called to tell me this because whenever I get Wendy's I get fries and a chocolate frosty. I dip the fries into the frosty. So Taci was doing what Auntie always does. I think the kid likes me!

I miss them all the time. And certain things make me think about them and what they are doing at that exact moment. So much of their earlier years were spent with me and Grandma. We're bonded for life. But sometimes I wonder if they'll forget me or if they'll lose the excitement that's in their eyes when I visit. Will I become just another adult who pops in and out of their lives? They have so many already and I'm one of the only stable people in their lives. It kills me that I can't be with them like I used to. But I know that I have to set an example for them by accomplishing something in my life and I never would have done that in Cedar City. My sister likes to take people down to the places she's at. She is so smart but she wastes it. She went to school to be a medical assistant but she didn't do the one exam she needed to certify. So instead she works in a restaurant. There's no future in a job like that. I wish I could show her all the mistakes she's making. But with her, it's best to keep my mouth shut. Oh well, enough venting for today!

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