Monday, July 13, 2009

Some people...

Some people really piss me off. I know a lot of people don't like Sarah Palin. I even respect your right to dislike and like whoever the hell you want. But DO NOT try to get to that person by saying shit about their baby who has Down syndrome. What did that baby ever do to anyone. It's freakin disabled. I have a really soft spot in my tough act for children. Especially children with disabilities. Haven't they been victimized enough just by being born with something that will make their lives so hard. They will get made fun of in school. They will struggle just to accomplish every day things that normal people can do in seconds. I respect that Sarah is finally putting her kids first. Say all the mean and vulgar things you like about Sarah. She chose her position. And yes, she also chose to put her children in the spot light by running as Vice President. But her kids are innocents. They don't deserve to be put down and harassed just because of who their mother is. I don't think I've ever seen such despicable treatment of children by the media in my life. So what if Bristol got knocked up. How many teens out there get pregnant all the time. At least she took responsibility for her action and didn't go out and have an abortion. I think that's an easy way out. If you're mature enough to have sex, then you're sure as hell mature enough to deal with the consequences. How hard is it to walk yourself to the local Wal Mart or drug store and buy condoms? If it's so embarrassing that you can't handle it, then you're not mature enough to be having sex in the first place. And the pill. It's not hard at all to get these days. Your parents don't even have to know about it. And parents, why the hell aren't you telling your kids about contraception? I know adults want to preach abstinence but it just doesn't cut it. Keep on top of them. Your kids are going to have sex whether you talk to them about it or not. If it was my kid, I would much rather get them a prescription for birth control or a box of condoms then to see them end up pregnant and having a baby before they are old enough to take care of that baby. And don't even get me started on these women who have little girls who end up hooking up with child predators. Then they wonder why their kid disappears. Your dumb boyfriend had sex with your little tiny girl and didn't want you to find out about it. Not only do they allow these men to get close to their children, they cover up for them. "It couldn't have been ****. He was set up." If he's convicted, that means there was enough evidence to put the bastard in jail. And our Justice system? Sucks monkey balls. How can a guy who rapes kids be able to get out in 6 years with good behavior. Of course he's gonna behave in prison. He's in his own little part of the prison and there aren't any kids for him to victimize. Let them out in general population and let the guy who's already serving a life sentence give the sicko the sentence he really deserved. As you can see, I get really passionate about kids. I hate any form of abuse. And I believe even saying bad things about a poor helpless little baby is abuse. Not only that, it's just wrong. Can these people honestly look at themselves in the mirror each day after they've said awful things about a baby with down syndrome? It all makes me physically ill.

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